Wix Filters

UPI’s Counter Intelligence Program Drives WIX Foreign Car Filter Sales

The Objective: WIX filters introduced a line of foreign car filters after their competitors’ foreign car filters were already on the market. They wanted to ensure that their third party counter sales associates were recommending WIX filters when asked by a consumer for a recommendation.

The Program: UPI designed a program where WIX’s third party counter sales associates were educated on the features and benefits of the new WIX foreign filters. Our Secret Callers called each associate twice during the program and asked for a car filter for their foreign car. If the associate recommended a WIX filter and explained its features and benefits, they were given a recognition award and an entry into a sweepstakes with a chance to win one of 500 sports themed prizes, including a grand prize of 2 Super Bowl Tickets. The associate was also asked if they knew a special code posted on WIX point-of-purchase materials displayed in their stores. When the associate answered the code correctly, they received another entry into the sweepstakes.

The Success Story: 6,200 auto parts store associates from 2,300 stores participated in the program. In the first series of calls, 89% of sales associates recommended WIX filters and outlined its features and benefits. 44% knew the number on the POP materials. During the second round of calls, 88% recommended WIX filters and 52% knew the number on POP materials.

UPI’s Counter Intelligence Program offered counter sales associates a fun incentive to learn about WIX Foreign Car Filters and to promote the product to end consumers. By providing associates with some excitement and gratification, their brand awareness increased as did sales of WIX Foreign Car Filters!